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Chamonix: Chez Mont Blanc

Chamonix: Chez Mont Blanc

This was a very quickly planned, short, one night getaway. Even though I am a planner and like to put in considerable time and research into each of our trips, I feel sometimes plans like this one are all you need for a change of pace and scene in life, and come back with a better attitude an a brighter smile. It had been a little over a month since our big move to France and things were moving much slower than we had expected. (I mean, 3-4 weeks to get your internet and TV, really?)

I could see a bit of frustration setting in for us as a family. I have to give credit to my husband here who thought we should not wait for the next school break for our first trip (which by the way the French are very generous with) and just GO! 

We were out on the road by 7 am on a Saturday morning to arrive at Chamonix around noon. 

A much needed stretch after an early morning 5 hour drive :) 

We were ready for lunch but, we absolutely did not want to miss out on the

Aguille Du Midi

experience. We were there in shoulder season and the opening hours are considerably shorter. Tickets were easy to purchase on the spot with close to no waiting time.

Straight to business, a must do, Aiguille du Midi

We knew Mont Blanc was going to be beautiful. I had heard of it since I was a child and the fact that we were going there was super exciting. The ride up was fairly uneventful with a few butterflies here and there as you see the town fading away in the distance. We had no idea about the views from the top that were in store for us. I mean WOW! 


I am glad we packed hats and gloves as it was MUCH colder up there and you also feel a bit short of breath because of the altitude. There is a nice restaurant up top for a meal or snacks or just drinks. You definitely want to have your camera ready and take a picture or two or three. :P However, I would suggest to just take a few moments and just sit or walk around with no phone or camera in your hand. Take in the views from all the sides. You will not regret. After a quick lunch at this pizza place nearby it was time to check-in to our 


and nap after a super early start to the day.

The B&B was super cute, right out of a storybook and the view from it was fabulous. It would have been nice to test out the outdoor hot tub with direct views of the snow capped mountains had this gay couple not hogged it for hours. That was a bit annoying.  My husband was not a huge fan of the shared "Loft Living Room" that all the room doors opened into. I guess he was expecting to have the whole B&B to ourselves when we just paid for a suite :P

Cute little B&B 

Fabulous views from the B&B

Because it was the shoulder season, there were quite a few restaurants and businesses that were closed till the ski season officially began. We found this lovely place called 


 for dinner and enjoyed our burgers and drinks. Not quite the burgers you get in Texas but, the pub style atmosphere and food was enjoyable and the service was friendly.

Two little monkeys at Monkey :P

To many this trip would seem so short and hectic but, for us it was just that reassurance we needed that everything is going to be okay. That things will work out, and even though the conveniences we take for granted back home might be missing here, there is so much we will be able to do because of this move that we would have either never been able to do or it would take us years had we decided against this expat adventure. 

Bruges, you beauty!

Bruges, you beauty!