About Us


Hello, we are the Roaming Raos.

We are a Pakistani-American family currently based in Houston, TX, but we have called numerous places home from Lahore, Pakistan to Chicago, IL to Phoenix, AZ to Pittsburgh, PA and most recently Fontainebleau, France.

My husband Asghar is full-time Financial Director for a consulting firm and a part-time CPA. I'm Seher, a Travelpreneur and run my own Travel Planning and Consulting business by the name of Sights & Splendors Travel. I took up travel blogging a few years ago and fell in love with it. We have two boys, Adeen, who is fourteen, a know it all and very tall sportsaholic, and Aneeq, who is eight, a little livewire Lego lover. 

We are ardent travelers who cherish visiting unfamiliar places, making new friends, and in the process making tons of lifelong memories. Investing in experiences has been more gratifying for us than purchasing things ever did, and this is our blog about making family travel happen, where we share our stories, and hopefully inspire you to do the same.

Feel free to leave a comment or follow us on social media or get in touch with us if you need assistance planning your next adventure!